Agility at IPOC

IPOC holds two AKC agility trial weekends each year, in March and November. The trials are outdoors in various locations.

United IPOC has two weekends of indoor agility trials a year at the Center.

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IPOC participates in DACOF (Dog Agility Clubs of Florida) by sending at least one team each year.

Agility Class Information

NOTE: Classes may not be offered every session.
Contact IPOC at (863) 644-1227 to verify availability.

Agility Class Levels

Agility Level 1

Beginners are taught on low and modified equipment for confidence and safety. Dogs and handlers are introduced to each piece of Agility equipment.

Agility Level 2

Before leaving Agility Level 2 dogs should be able to do use all equipment. Dogs should be reliable off leash with few distractions and able to work at a distance away from the handler. Handlers should understand front, rear, wraps, and go outs. Also, handlers should know how to walk a course and be able to run their dogs through a course with few verbal commands or using the dogs name many times.

Agility Level 3

For Novice competition level dogs

Dogs must be able to work off leash and respond to handler commands. Handlers learn techniques for working at a distance, front and rear crosses and running full courses. (Class Size Limit of 12)

In Agility 3 and Agility 4, the skills acquired in Agility 2 are refined and improved by adding greater control, tighter turns/wraps, and more distance work. Additional advanced handling skills such as blind crosses, back side jumps, etc are introduced.

Agility Level 4

For Advanced competition level dogs

Dogs must have a title in Novice level Agility or higher. Handlers work on techniques for Open and Excellent level competition.

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