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This page is dedicated to Club members who have earned achievements deserving special recognition.

Becky and Jack earn an OTCH!

Becky Babicz and Jack
Jumpn Jack Flash, owned by Becky Babicz, earned his OTCH (Obedience Trial CHampion) title on Sunday, June 21, 2009 in Open B Class with a 199 under Judge Harlowe Jahelka.

He also won High in Trial, High Combined, and a UDX leg.

His father, This Bud's 4 Ewe UD, won Utility B and earned 17 OTCH points to raise his point total to 51 with all of his firsts.

Lisa Denham and Prince Frederick earn UGRACH

Lisa Denham and Fred
Lisa Denham and her Miniature Schnauzer, Fred, earned a United Grand Agility Champion title on July 12th & 13th, 2008.

With that title, Fred's combined high scores also qualified him Nationally as a Top 50 UKC Agility All-Star for 2008 in two levels.

In AG2, he placed 30th, and in AG3, he placed 32nd earning him a spot at the UKC Invitational Premier in Kalamazoo, MI June 2009.

Lisa and Fred are the first IPOC members to obtain that title.

Pam and Frank earn an OTCH!

Pam O'Saile and Frank
In October 2008, Pam O'Saile and her Border Collie, Frank, earned an OTCH title.

Pam is a talented trainer who is one of IPOC's instructors. She took Frank in as a project to save him from the pound, and the bond that they formed and lot of hard work has resulted in an OTCH.

An OTCH is a very difficult obedience achievement that requires many placements in Utility B and Open B with points assigned based upon the number of dogs beaten in each class.

The number of points depends on the placement and the number of dogs that competed in the class. They must win several blue ribbon first places with at least one in Open B and one in Utility B.

In addition, they must beat other OTCH level dogs that are competing in the very same classes. While many dogs can achieve a UD or UDX, it is the rare combination of talent by both dog and handler that leads to an OTCH.

2008 DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs Of Florida) Trial

Becky Babicz (left) and Adrienne Swanick (right)
The Hi-TRI Award at DOCOF is presented to the members of a team with the highest combined Utility, Open, and Novice score. After a runoff to break a tie score for the HI-TRI Award, the award was presented to Becky Babicz and Adrienne Swanick of IPOC.

Adrienne Swanick and Nardo
Becky competed in both Open and Utility with her Border Collies, Jack and Buddy, and Adrienne competed in Novice with her Schnauzer Nardo.

2007 DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs Of Florida) Trial

IPOC entered two teams in the 2007 Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida (DOCOF) Trial September 1st & 2nd, 2007, at the Orlando Central Florida Fairgrounds. Teams 1 and 2 placed 1st and 5th respectively, out of 49 teams.

DOCOF is a difficult place to do well in obedience. There were 376 dogs entered. With that many dogs and people in a building, there are many, many distractions. There are people cheering for their team members and walking between the 7 different rings. It is very difficult to practice for that type of environment. We had practice on Tuesday nights, some on Saturday and Sundays and Run Thrus on Thursdays. Everyone worked really hard and it paid off Big Time!

Team 1


Carl Ilse and Cajun, Bob Withers and Jingles, Nancy Withers and Mandy.


Kathy Brown and Angel, Judi Rought and Gus, Pam O'Saile and Frank.


Chuck Libberton and Shannon, Nancy Withers and Missy, Becky Babicz and Buddy.

Team 2

DOCOF 2007 Team 2


Adrienne Swanick and Nardo, Betty Shorter and Sam, Tracy Thompson and Bailey.


Della Biemiller and Tonga, Susi Norton and Birdie, Becky Babicz and Jack.


Shelley Crotts and Macey, Bob Withers and Kimmi, Marge Spayd and Chaos.

Thanks also to our volunteer stewards: Linda Hartshorn, Judy Ilse, Jane Libberton and Carolyn Evans.

2006 DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs Of Florida) Trial

IPOC entered two teams in the 2006 Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida (DOCOF) Trial September 3rd, 2006, at the Orlando Central Florida Fairgrounds. Teams 1 and 2 placed 1st and 17th respectively, out of 38 teams.

Team 1

DOCOF 2006 Team 1
Kathy Brown and Angel
All of Team 1's dogs scored in the high 180s or 190s. That is the best that IPOC has done in the history of the club, which dates back about 40 years. Team 2 also did very well. We had several people who stepped up and showed in a higher level than they were really ready for. They worked very hard all summer and put in a good showing.

Additionally, Kathy Brown and Angel placed 1st in Novice out of over 100 dogs with a score of 198.5 and High in Trial. Pam O'Saile and Frank placed 1st in Open and Becky Babicz and Buddy won a 4 way run off for 2nd place in Open, out of over 100 dogs.


Kathy Brown & Angel 198.5, Pam O'Saile & Sophie 194.5, Judi Rought & Gus 193.


Becky Babicz & Buddy 195+, Pam O'Saile & Frank 195.5.


Nancy Withers & Missy 191, Chuck Libberton & Shannon, Susie Norton & DJ 186.5.

Team 2


Susie Norton and Birdie, Linda Hartshorn and River 189.5, Carl Ilse and Cajun 179.5.


Susan Spencer and Luke, Della Biemiller and Tonga 192.5, Susan Washburn and Woody 189.5.


Lisa Glick and Chase, Kitty Thompson and Bree, Shelley Crotts and Macey.

Jean's third OTCH!

On July 15, 2006, Jean Rodoski earned her third OTCH title in Deland, Florida, with her German Shepard Dog (GSD), Spice.

Jean Rodosky and Spice
In addition to Jean's feat of earning a third OTCH with Spice, she is also his breeder which makes their OTCH very special!


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