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Obedience Classes

NOTE: Courses may not be offered in every session.
Contact IPOC at (863) 644-1227 to verify availability.

Puppy Training

The Puppy course is for pups who are from 8 weeks to 5 months old at the time of enrollment. Handlers should arrive equipped with a lead, a collar, a tug toy, and plenty of small, easily chewable treats.

The class includes the following as well as much more:

  1. Introduction to different walking surfaces
  2. Introduction to Agility
  3. Reliable recalls
  4. Developing a relationship with your puppy
  5. Tricks
  6. Traditional obedience behaviors such as sit, down, stand, walking on a loose lead

Puppy Games

Games to help pups improve their confidence. Exposure to

Bring lots of treats, a towel, and a clicker if you use one.


The Basic course is for ALL dogs who are older than 6 months at the time of enrollment.

In the basic class your dog will master the basic commands on leash in a class setting. Learn how to train specific commands and how to utilize them day to day. Dogs will learn how to handle distractions from other dogs in the class. This class will prepare your dog for the AKC recognized "Canine Good Citizen" program, which opens doors for you and your dog, such as therapy dogs.


Target: Rally course run-thrus for competition level teams

Description: All Levels

Format: Pay Per Run, Cost is $3 per run-thru ($2 per run-thru for members including junior members)

Competitive Novice/AKC Novice

The Competitive Novice course is for Dogs who are ready for AKC Novice Trialing Instruction.

The course prepares dogs and handlers for the AKC Novice Obedience Title -- the CD.

The course covers the AKC Novice class exercises:

  1. Heel On Leash and Figure Eight
  2. Stand for Examination
  3. Heel Free
  4. Recall
  5. Sit Stay, and Get your leash
  6. Group Exercise, Sit and Down Stay

Download the AKC Obedience Regulations; that manual doesn't yet include the most recent changes that will become effective on May 1, 2018.

Also, download the Novice changes for 2018 because they are not yet part of that manual.

AKC Open

The Open course is for Dogs who are ready for Open Trialing Instruction

The course covers the AKC Open class exercises:

  1. Heel Free and Figure Eight
  2. Command Discrimination (Stand, Down, Sit)
  3. Drop on Recall
  4. Retrieve on Flat
  5. Retrieve over High Jump
  6. Broad Jump
  7. Stay, Get your Leash (Sit, Down)
  8. Group Exercise, Sit and Down Stay

Download the AKC Obedience Regulations; that manual doesn't yet include the most recent changes that will become effective on May 1, 2018.

Also, download the Novice changes for 2018 because they are not yet part of that manual.

New AKC Open Exercises

The course covers only the new AKC Open class exercises:

Download the Novice changes for 2018 because they are not yet part of that manual.

AKC Utility

The Utility course is for Dogs who are ready for Utility Trialing Instruction

The course covers scent discrimination, directed jumping, go outs, and more. Handlers and dogs will learn the rules of the Utility ring, while building a stronger team partnership.


The UDX course is for Dogs who are ready for UDX Trialing Instruction

Handler and dog teams practice and proof exercises to enable dogs to understand instead of merely knowing the Open and Utility classes' exercises.

UKC Utility

The course will cover the exercises and rules of UKC Utility. While UKC Novice and UKC Open will be touched in passing, the class will focus on the UKC Utility exercises, in preparation for competition.

Tricks and Skills

The Tricks and Skills course is for all Dogs with basic skills.

Handlers learn training skills that will be useful for teaching dogs behaviors that are necessary in all dog sports, learn how to break down behaviors into small parts that are easy to teach to dogs, and learn how to select several simple behaviors that, when combined, appear difficult.

This course requires plenty of soft, small bite size treats.

Basic control of dog is necessary.

Many skills can be taught on leash, but dogs who are able to work off leash will accomplish much more.

Bridging Games

Learn to use tricks and attention games between ring exercises to help your dog show to his best potential, including hand touches, spins, weaving, and nose bridge.

Obedience Competition Foundations

Heeling, Retrieving, Beginner Jump Skills, Foot Targets, Nose Targets, introduce and use the bottle pool, the bottle wall, Scent-A-Whirl, discuss how, why, and when to apply bridging games and tricks. This class teaches, proofs, and mixes skills from Novice through Utility to strengthen your dogs knowledge base and understanding for all levels.

Obedience Prep To Show

Students receive individual attention on ring procedure as well as anything else that a student may need to succeed in the ring. Students must sign up for the entire session. Note that there are only six spots. Send email to Maggie to reserve a spot.

Heel To Music

The Heeling to Music class is a 30 minute class that is fun and energizing! We heel to current pop radio tunes, and improve you and your dog's rhythm and teamwork by teaching or improving your dog's targeting of the focal point for heeling to improve accuracy. We add bridging games while heeling to help you keep your teamwork and connection with your dog between exercises in the ring, and troubleshoot problems with footwork for turns or halts as needed.


A 30 minute long class devoted to teaching potentially the most useful skill that an obedience trained dog can have in everyday life.

Fronts and Finishes

Fronts and finishes are two separate behaviors that dogs trained in competitive obedience must perform in sequence during matches and trials. Also, this class will cover the new AKC Rally signs.

Buddy Training and Pay To Train

When you arrive, please sign the log and pay -- members $5, non-members $7.

Our training rings may be rented to train you dog, and you may train in a ring shared with others if you want the benefit of having other trainers watch you as you train. If you choose to train that way, ask for feedback and offer observations and suggestions.

Training that way helps those of us who are from perfection to improve

Handlers with aggressive dogs may not participate in Buddy Training.

Dogs who lack self control, for example puppies -- may participate only when other handlers agree -- but they must wear a leash while in a shared ring.

Dog and handler teams work independently yet concurrently with other teams in the same rings, and use the training methods, tools, and equipment of their choice.

Handlers must setup any equipment that they may need, and they must tear down and put away all equipment. When handlers leave the Training Center, the rings should be left free of any equipment.

Agility equipment such as the Dog Walk and A Frame are not available for Buddy Training because of the effort necessary to set up and take down such large and heavy equipment.

Exercises from some obedience classes (Novice and Open) may occur simultaneously in one ring, but it is more difficult to share a ring when Utility exercises are practiced.

Utility handlers may take turns running each other through sets of exercises, usually for 10 minutes at a time.

Instructors are not provided.

All participants are expected to help each other. A timer will be used to ensure floor rotations every 10 minutes if that should be necessary.

Dog and handler teams must be able to tolerate multiple visual and auditory distractions.

Nosework Classes

Beginner Nosework

To start, dogs will be taught to scent.

Next, the class will progress to specific scents, for example, birch.

After the dogs learn to scent, some classes will meet “off site” away from the IPOC Training Center.

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