Service Dog Class

The class helps a handler train a dog to become a mobility service dog.

In other words, assist with physical support, balance, and stability for handlers with mobility disabilities. The class follows the standards set forth by Assistance Dogs International for handlers and dogs.

The class does not prepare students to train for medical alerts, hearing, emotional support, therapy, or guide dogs for the blind.

The class covers Federal and State laws pertaining to service dogs, public education, general and specific service dog tasks, as well as public outings.


  1. The handler must have a disability recognized by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and
  2. that disability must be verified by a letter from a physician. That includes veterans with PTSD.
  3. The dog must be of a size and temperament to assist with physical support, balance, and stability for handlers with mobility disability.
  4. The dog must have taken a basic obedience class, and
  5. must show no aggression toward other dogs or
  6. people.


The purpose of this class is to provide the core principles that handlers and dogs need to assist the disabled handler with a mobility disability.

We teach the handler how to train the dog for the tasks and jobs that the dog will need to mitigate the handler's disability.

The skills that we teach include retrieving, carry and deposit, tugs to open doors and cabinets, nose and paw nudges, and bracing with and without a harness.

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